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Want to help us make a thing?

If you're creative and want to be a part of the next Braindead Romeo album, then click the "SECRETS" tab at the top of the page. Yeah, it will ask you to log in. I promise, I won't use your email to send you a bunch of useless crap.

You'll find an overview of the story for our new album. A double-album. An acoustic album. A musical, really. It's weird and it's cool and we love it. Maybe it could also feature YOU in some way! You could make some artwork, expand our lyrics into a short story, write poetry related to the themes of our songs. You could submit an audition to sing one of the roles. You could take it upon yourself to write a stage scene. It could be some other idea that I haven't thought of yet.

The point is, I would like to collaborate with you. I think you have some cool ideas.

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