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WAR! (It's coming....)

HEYYYYY! In case you've been out of the loop, we're working on a new album. At least, we have been for the past five months.... but now.... it's DONE.. Crazy, right?!

The new record (our official third release) Is called "War is What We're Good For," and it's a collection of the songs we've been putting together for the past two years solid.

We've already released four of the tracks in that time, along with a cool video for each one. You should definitely check them all out to get totally hyped for this thing.

There's also six brand-new tracks going on this album, some of which have only even been played once or twice live. One of them is a song called "War," which inspired the album title and is about humankind's propensity for violence and horror. And about how we will one day definitely be an intergalactic empire.

This album cover, created by yours truly, embodies the history of human conflict. Glorified in the fashion of a Napoleonic war painting, the eye quickly catches historical inconsistencies including a Glock 9mm, clouds of mustard gas, a Roman Centurion, Gladiators, A Spartan warrior, a Templar Knight, cowboys, tanks, fighter jets, a nuclear explosion, and even a flying saucer attack.

In the same way, the songs are extremely varied and adventurous. Some of the songs sound like 50s rock on steroids, some of them evoke the late-80s guitar theatrics of Los Angeles, some are pure grunge, some pure punk, and some defy classification. It's a mix of everything we love in rock history!

The album is coming out online Friday, June 22nd.

We'll also be celebrating our new baby the next day (June 23rd) with a huge party at the Regina German Club, a venue that hosted one of our first gigs EVER back in 2010. It housed us many more times over the years, like our repeat performances at NOISEFEST. It was also the location of Alex's final show with the band last year.

So far, it looks like 2018 is Comin' Up Roses for BR.


Andy, Timbo, Jimbo, and Gus.

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