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Party People Get Down

Hey everybody.

We'd like to tell you that in the past month.5 since our last concert, we've been working. Working hard. Working on a brand-new song that will blow you away. We're calling it "Ten Ton Skeleton," and we dedicate it to anyone who's ever had a WORST enemy that they'd really really like to dump in the river with a pair of concrete shoes.

Now yes, I ripped that title off. Royal Blood used it for a song last year. BUT that song, in my humble small-time songwriter opinion, kind of sucked. And you can't copyright a title, anyway. It's different when you try to piggyback off of someone else (like naming a song Lithium. I mean.... right?). My entire thought process about this? Hey, that's an awesome title. Hey, this song really doesn't live up to its awesome title. Hey, what if I wrote a song that DID?!

So, welcome to "Ten Ton Skeleton." We'll be playing it live for the very first time on Friday, June 2nd. Come on down to Cloud 9 Live Regina at 9pm to hear for yourself! And tell me whether or not I'm completely full of shit about all this.

If you missed our appearance at QCR17, we also played a new song that night. "Generation You" went really really well, and it's going to be in the set Friday as well. So if you haven't seen us in a while, then you'll be getting TWO new songs on Friday.



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