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QCR '17

As you might already be aware, we're going to be participating tomorrow in the Wolf's annual QUEEN CITY ROCKS competition! We've been in the contest before - the Braindead Romeo set will actually mark the fourth year that we've been part of the competition. Within that, we've played in FIVE showcase nights as a band. Andrew and Angus, between their various bands in the competition, will be playing for the TWELFTH and ELEVENTH times, respectively.

It's safe to say that we've got some experience in this particular arena.

Now, we skipped the competition last year because we were recording some new music. Two of the singles from this period have already received a full "release" treatment, with videos and a distribution deal ("Music in Yer Head" and "Up & Atom"). You also may have heard another two recordings in our MEMBERS ONLY section for "1-900-Vicious" and "Where We Belong." We've also been playing a bunch of our new material live at our shows this year - "Hello, Psycho" quickly became a fan favourite and "Model Home" has been a staple in the set since last spring.

Since we are brimming with new music that's never been played in this contest before, we decided to give the Queen City a glimpse into the new Braindead Romeo - the new songs, the new bassist, and the new and improved levels of onstage energy. Bet you didn't think that could possibly improve, but it did! Not only are we playing a handful of the songs that I just mentioned (we can't do them all, it's only a 20-minute set), but we have also decided to play a BRAND NEW SONG. No one outside the band has yet heard our new track, "Generation You," so if you'd like to be the first then come on down to the Exchange tomorrow!

The other reason that we entered the contest again is the fact that Regina is once again brimming with new talent - we're going to be playing alongside a few bands that we had never heard of until the contest was announced, and we've very excited to see what everyone has in store! The beauty of Queen City Rocks is that the scene is super friendly and competitive in a healthy way. We love being able to meet new bands, set up new shows, play for new people, and not have to worry about any of the other bands talking trash or being shitty to each other. You might see some bands that you've never heard of, but come away as a fan. I do, every time I go!!!

Here's hoping you can come down and cheer us on to the finals!!!!

-Andrew / BR

Queen City Rocks takes place at the Exchange, 2841 8th Ave

Doors at 7, Music at 8 - $10 cover donated to Music Heals Foundation

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