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The Inauguration Meltdown

We got together with our good friends in Majetik and Port Noise to .... ahem.... celebrate.... or rather, to completely rally against Trump's new America. It was a blast of a night, and I think we took the Orange Scumbag down in style - especially with our multi-band version of songs from Green Day's American Idiot.

Plus, we have some of the coolest fans - when some lovely ladies shared their cell phone footage of our newest song "Hello, Psycho" with me, I decided to edit the whole damn thing together. Now, it's late in the night and late in the set - we don't exactly have our trademark off-the-wall energy in this video. But we still played the crap out of the song, and the video turned out really cool! Check it out for yourselves below!

There's also this awesome cover artwork that I did for the song the other day, to be used at some point in the future when we record the song and release it as a video.

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