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F**K 2016!

After the unceremonious cancellation of our highly-anticipated December 9th show at the Artful Dodger, we are pulling out all the stops to make our next show into something really special. On New Year's Eve (which actually happens to fall on a weekend this year) we will be hitting Bronco's Pub and Grill (Pilot Butte, SK) for the first time, ever.

If you're willing to make the drive from Regina, you'll see some things in our set that you've never seen before - namely, a whole ton of cover tunes that we are learning super-special for this night! The crowning achievement will be a series of tunes originally recorded by artists who have passed away in 2016 (or at least, CLOSE to 2016, because we needed to get Lemmy and Scott Weiland in there, too).

This will be a serious blast, guys; come make a short drive to our neighbouring town and see us in action one more time this year! We guarantee it will be special. Plus, the bar will be giving away a free trip to Vegas for SOMEONE in the bar that night - could be you!!!


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