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The New Guy

As you might already know, we've replaced our bass player recently. Alex could no longer meet the time commitments of being in the band, and he's decided to step down so that he wasn't holding us back. We still love him, don't worry.

In his place, we have selected Mr. Angus Livingstone - he's a very talented guy and has played with Andrew many times before in various bands. Not to mention the fact that he's actually filled in on bass for Braindead twice already!

We have been rehearsing with him for the past few weeks, and we are ready to rock. The official first show back for us is going to be September 16th at Durty Nelly's (formerly McNally's Tavern). We're on as part of a charity benefit for SEARCH, an acronym that I cannot for the life of me remember its meaning.

So if you're in the area, come salute Angus and wish him well with the band!!!

-Timbo, Jimbo, Andy, and GUS.

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