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Light Show August 19th

Hey guys!

If you're stopping by the site before our concert on August 19th, I'd like to give you an update on the fact that we recently purchased LED strips for our drum kit - they look amazing and work perfectly! We're going to be using that drum kit in the coming months for new videos, as well as live for the first time on that August 19th show!

Today, I'm also digging up some props that we haven't used in quite a while.... a few years back, we built some stage boxes out of 2x4s, plywood, and plexiglass. They are clear-topped to additionally add some light to the show and plenty big enough for us to stand on. They're pretty sweet, they're just difficult to move and store. So we haven't used them in years.... but they're coming back August 19th!!!

Come out to the German Club that night for us, for Nine Gates, and for Port Noise - and for the awesome light show.

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