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New music for "MEMBERS ONLY"

Hey! I wanted to come and share the fact that over in our "Members Only" section, you can now listen to TWO brand new Braindead recordings. Ok.... well... if you've been paying attention to our videos lately, I guess it's not ENTIRELY new. We've played them at shows before and released some live footage. And one of the tunes is an acoustic version of a previous release....

You're not selling this, Andrew....

But they are both very cool, and I think they display two of the best vocal tracks I have ever recorded. I'm exceptionally proud of both of these songs!

To go and take a listen, you need to be a MEMBER. How does one become a member, you ask? All that we're asking for i an email address. You've literally given your email address to countless shady websites over the years. But we promise, we're not like those asshats. We'll hardly ever send you anything - just little updates when we post new music or we've got a big show coming up in your area. That's about it.

Ok, maybe once or twice I'll send you a message late at night when I'm feeling lonely. But like... that's not too bad. Alex puts up with it. Things hardly ever get weird. And I promise, I'll wear protection as I type. Gloves. Heavy duty gloves.

...It already got weird.


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