Sometimes you just want the physical copy to hold in your hands. If you're an audiophile, you already know that CDs still sound miles better than mp3s. Why are you wasting your time with the aux cable when you could just pop the actual CD into your car stereo and listen to the music for real?! 


War is What We're Good For is a 2018 studio album by Braindead Romeo. It was created at their home studio and it rocks. 

War is What We're Good For (CD)

    • 1. 1-900-Vicious
    • 2. Generation You
    • 3. Music in Yer Head
    • 4. Where We Belong
    • 5. War (is What We're Good For)
    • 6. Hello, Psycho
    • 7. Up & Atom!
    • 8. Comeback Combat
    • 9. Model Home
    • 10. Ten Ton Skeleton