If the Devil made a mixtape to blare in his '75 Camaro while chugging Canadian Rye and speeding away from a bank robbery... it would be this band. Actually, we have no idea if that's at all accurate but Goddamn, it's a catchy first sentence to a biography. 

I'm Andrew. I suppose Braindead Romeo is my baby. I sing the music, I play rad guitar solos, I do most of the songwriting. I'm currently building this website. I make my own guitars, I edit the band's videos, and if you have something snarky to say to us online I'll probably be the one who responds to it and calls you names. 


Basically, Tim and I had a band in high school called Aces Loaded. It fell apart, you don't need to look us up. We weren't very good. But eventually, we figured out how to write really great songs and how to look really great playing them onstage. And that's honestly all that you really need to know. Over the past ten years, we've been molding Braindead Romeo into something that we're very proud of - and that hopefully other people like, too. 

I'll not ramble on, here. Basically we have put out a few albums and we've gotten better at it every time. We've taken a more hands-on approach every time too - the first EP was largely made by outside studios. White Noize City, our follow-up, was recorded mostly at home but sent off to professionals to mix and master it. Now, we've made War is What We're Good For - an album that was recorded, mixed, and mastered at our home studio. Along the way we made some videos (again, mostly on our own) and while we're still learning we are also very proud of the things we have accomplished. 

We've never had mainstream industry support. We're not critical darlings. We've been boo'd on occasion. It's always a struggle to get anyone to appreciate what you're doing, but if being in Braindead Romeo has taught me anything, it's this: There is always value in learning to do something for yourself. We've done it by ourselves as much as possible, and there are very few things that we'd change. We're making the music that WE want to hear, and if you're into it then great. I hope there's something in here that speaks to you. 

If you're interested in what we're working on next, I'd invite you to click the "SECRETS" button at the top of the page. We're looking for creative people to actually help us with something, for once. All that I'll say about it is... It'll be big. 

Thanks for stopping by.